Privacy Statement

  • Collection and usage of personal information

    Webbist® Multimedia Enr. collects information about visits made to its website. However, we do not collect private information, only personal information publicly available to all websites you visit provided by your web browser. We collect information for analytic purposes to be able to provide you with a better experience on our website.

    Here are some information that our web analytic tool may collect:

    • User agent string. This is the unique identifier of your web browser.
    • IP address.
    • Date and time of the visit.
    • Which pages were visited.
    • Referring address of the visit. This is the URL where you were before requesting our website.
    • Keywords used to find our website via search engines.
  • Sharing of personal information

    Webbist will never sell, exchange or give away any information we might collect from you. The information we collect will remain private on our server and will never be transmitted to other parties.

    It is possible that we gain some access to your personal information from third-party service providers. This could happen when Webbist needs to use or update your services with a third party to deliver our services. This includes, but does not limit, connecting to your FTP account to upload your web application on the third party web server or gaining access to your web hosting solution control center for email address modifications. These accesses should be authorized by you before we can deliver our services. Only information needed to deliver our services will be used. We won't copy nor complete our information we already have on you with those we can found from third party providers. If you do not authorize an access to your third party account, then you will be solely responsible for updating your web server.

  • Modification and deletion of your personal information

    You have the right to view and modify your personal information. These modifications can only be made by phone or by email we already use to communicate with you.

    You can request the deletion of your personal information. These modifications can only be made by phone. An agreement must be made before the deletion if we are in the process of delivering a service to you.

  • Security of your private information

    Your personal information are stored on a separate location from our web server. Information is located on a local network with no outside access points. Our local network is secured using local user accounts. Only Webbist owners have access to this local network.

  • Cookies and web beacons

    Webbist will use a cookie, but not limited to, to save the language that you want to use for the website. We determine a default language based on the first language that we can match with the ones you specified in your web browser. After this detection, we will save this settings in a cookie. If you delete this cookie then Webbist website will revert to the default language. If you disable cookies functionality, we will detect the default language each time you request a page on our server.

    We do not make use of web beacons mechanism to collect information about emails we send.

  • Comments and suggestions

    If you have any comments or suggestion about this privacy statement, please do not hesitate in contacting our customer service.